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Customized Service & Flexibility

Send Helmick your worn spare grinder for rebuilding, or arrange for a Helmick grinder to be on-site when you begin your outage. Helmick will pre-plan by having parts on hand for quick turnaround. Our program is custom-tailored to meet your needs with just-in-time delivery or grinder stocking.

Cost Savings

Evaluation of your grinder will begin immediately upon its arrival at Helmick's plant. Special concerns and recommended solutions will be addressed by our Engineering Department at this time. A written proposal will be submitted for your approval and authorization before processing your request with our proposal. Every grinder we rebuild carries an as-new warranty.

Inventory Reduction

An operational clinker grinder rebuild program with Helmick allows for a reduction of inventoried parts normally required on-site to meet the demands of grinder maintenance. Only emergency spares need to be kept on hand.

Longer Wear Life

Specialized grades of Hi-Chrome and Ni-Hard alloys are used to achieve longer wear life, while remaining competitively priced. We offer a variety of sealing options to extend running time. Assemblies are pressure tested prior to shipment.

Custom Rebuild Kits

Each kit contains all parts normally replaced at your plant, which saves you time when ordering and ensures you have what you need on hand in a single package to complete your in-house rebuild. Buying a kit reduces your inventory expense, since parts not used can be returned for credit.

Excellent Service

To obtain a written estimate, just send us the Model of the grinder required and include a copy of the bill of materials. Note any modifications desired. A contact list of satisfied customers will be supplied on request with our proposal. Every grinder we rebuild carries an as-new warranty.

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